The offer includes all types of real estate valuation i.a. for banking, tax and accounting purposes, purchase/sale price negotiations, damage to property valuation, fees pricing, easements valuation – including transmission easements, compensation pricing.

Real estate valuation
for banking purposes

Real estate valuation
for tax purposes

Real estate valuation
for accounting purposes

Real estate
price negotiations

Damage to property valuation

Fees pricing

Easements valuation
– including transmission easements

Compensation pricing


Trust, stability, and credibility have assured the success of our company since 1997. Real estate appraiser, Beata Jezierska (authorisation no. 2757) is the owner and the main expert of the company.

Gdańska Agencja Nieruchomości specializes in real estate valuation. Our offer includes inventory compilations, market analyses, analysing financial aspects of spatial development plans’ enactment, valuation of the components of a business enterprise (i.a. machines, devices).


We serve individual clients, natural persons, legal persons, companies, public institutions and
banking institutions.


Gdańska Agencja Nieruchomości cooperates with leading banks in terms of real estate valuation for
the security interest. Our professionalism, thoroughness, and promptness guarantee each client’s


Real estate appriser

authorisation no. 2757

Owner and main expert



Gdańska Agencja Nieruchomości Beata Jezierska

Rzeczoznawca majątkowy upr. nr 2757

ul. Koziorożca 39

80-299 Gdańsk

  +48 601 68 12 68